We are a full service company helping expats feel at home in Bulgaria

We will help you:

Connect with other expats in your city and make new friends with similar interests and hobbies 

Find the right preschool, kindergarten or school for your kids

Find your home away from home. We work with many real estate agencies that provide us with a list of houses, apartments... 

We work with a list of English speaking lawyers in Sofia specialized in different fields of law

If you need a doctor, dentist or an orthodont - we can find the right specialist for you

We can give you recommendations if you'd like to do your hairstyle, facial, manicure/pedicure or makeup


Philip Shredinger


Special offers and other things they propose... I never used them before because I didn't know it is so effective! Wow!!

Melissa Green


The work is done, everything is splendid, I am happy, so... I highly recommend them. Good job!

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